Nano Fertilizers

Now Available at Far East Flora Singapore outlets
555, Thomson Road Tel: 62546662

Also at Vision Blk 132, Jurong Gateway Rd, #01-285
Tel: 65656782
We are inviting users of our Nano Fertilizer to submit photos of their plants. We will published the best set of photo on a monthly basis.

Prize: The winning entry will have 6 bottles of our Nano Fertilizer for their effort.

Send in your entry and you just might be the winner.

How to Enter:

To enter the Photo Contest, please see the information below.

Rules and Regulations*
1. You must be a user of Nano Fertilzier to enter the contest
2. Only ONE set of photos per email per contest is allowed.
3. File size of photo must not exceed 3M btyes.
4. You can only submit photo of your own.
5. Photos should be taken before n after the application of Nano Fertilizer. It should be taken at the same angle, same time to show the differences.
6. You should indicate the name of the plant you submit. An analysis of observation on your plants would be very helpful for example the flower is larger or the leaf is now greener, etc.

*Failure to adhere to the Rules & Regulation may result in disqualification

++The contest will be an INTERNAL voting contest by StratBiz panel of judges.

Terms and Conditions

This contest is open to user of Nano Fertilizer residing in Singapore ONLY. Prizes must be taken as provided and are neither transferable nor exchangeable for cash. Sponsors reserved the right to substitute the prizes with things / services of a similar value. Upon submission of your entry, you are deemed to have agreed the organization / sponsors can use, archive and distribute the data provided by you in a manner we deem fit, without reference to you.


What is nano technology?

Nanotechnology is an art of manipulation of matters at atomic or molecular scales with the objective of taking over their control at atomic and molecular levels and using their properties at these levels.

Characteristics of nano matters or products

  1. Designing and manufacturing of these matters is a complex process
  2. Nano matters have dimensions less than 100 nano meters (100 x 10-9 meters) in all three dimensions.
  3. There are processes of adding other elements or complexes to nano materials.
  4. Nano materials have characteristics drastically different from similar products which are not nano.

StratNano Fertilizer make use of Nanotechnology to create micro elements like iron, zinc,manganese, etc that are easily absorbed by plants. This ensure healthy growth and increased productivity of plants and agricultural production.

For commercial application in farming, agricultural production – please contact us for further detail. More technical information are available on request.


Not your Normal Fertilizer

Orchid started flowering after 10 weeks application

Landscaping on 5 storey building in Korea Nov 2011

See the lively, lustre and richness in colour after using StratNano Fertilizer

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