StratGard 2in1 Chlorine Dioxide Hand Sanitizer/Disinfectant

StratBiz is a young, dynamic company backed with more than 30 years of experience in Asia.  We have very close partnership and cooperation with Korea and Australia.

Right now we have decided to use our innovation experience to create a new generation 2in1 Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant that is entirely produce and Made in Singapore (from raw material to finish product). In that way we are able to bring to the general market a highly competitive solutions that can meet the expectations of users and at the same time affordable.  

Anti Bacteria Water Ozone System

We are the exclusive distributor in Singapore for Cashido Taiwan since 2016. This multi patented invention can be used to remove bacteria, germs from foods, vegetables, meats, fruits, all hard surfaces like floors, bathrooms, toilets, etc. It is even use for our shower and pets grooming industry.

We have more than 300 systems installed in area like hotel, commercial building, airport, homes, kopitiams, foodcourts, etc.

Recently we are involved in specialize project like fish farming, vertical farming including F&B commercial kitchen food preparation usage.

We have always focus on technology especially nanotechnology including ecological, environmental and energy friendly sectors.

Project done in Nov 2011 with our Nanocoating solution in Korea

Water will not seep into the surface

Nanocoating work in progress on building

Our StratNano coating solutions and the spray unit that is used to spray the wall facade

Look at the water! Not seeping into the woods after Nanocoat

Imagine being able to protect all your surfaces in a simple Do-It-Youself or using industrial nozzles for your manufacturing process. Fabrics, wood, metal, plastics, glass, ceramics, stoneware, painted surfaces – in fact any surfaces that need protection with our coating solutions. Building, transportation, textile, glass, sanitary ware, marine industries all benefits from this coating solution.

StratBiz International will continue to develop and bring the latest in technology, innovation that will enhance our lifestyle.

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