What You Don’t Know About Water

Home-use water includes drinking water and washing water
Many people don’t realize that washing water is 70% of all water used at home

How clean is your equipment and food?

The cups and plates we used are filled with germs smaller than the eye can see. Dangers such as pesticides make eating raw fruits and vegetables harmful to our health. Buildup of bacteria causes diseases.

Kill bacteria

Ozone is nature’s sanitizer. When ozone contacts bacteria, it destroys the membrane layer causing it to disintegrate. The bacteria-killing ability of ozone is 3,000 times that of chlorine.

Remove pesticides

Ozone is an oxidizer, it can quickly destroy the chemical make-up of pesticides found on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Remove Odors

Ozone can remove unpleasant odors, fish-smell and the smell of smoke.

Keep Food Fresh

Ozone can kill the bacteria on fruits and vegetables that makes it spoil quickly, thus extending its life 2-3 times.

Perfect for the Bathroom

Can connect to a showerhead
Can be used to shower, wash the bathroom and wash pets

Cabozi Micro Bubble System

SPA & Micro bubble from a single pump
Deep cleaning of pores
Create over 1,236,000 anions per c/c.
Ozone to kill bacteria

Improve Skin Tone

Micro Bubbles bring ozone to deep clean and kill bacteria in skin pores to soften and improve skin tone. Micro Bubbles will promote strong blood flow and increase oxygen levels in the skin, making skin soft, smooth and clean.

Relieve Stress

Excessive stress causes headaches, loss of sleep and muscle aches. The Cabozi system can create anions to help relax the body when breathed in.


Micro Bubbles and ozone can stimulate the body’s anti-aging mechanism to increase blood flow, reduce stress and keep you looking younger.
Whirlpool massage can massage pressure points, the neck and legs.

Deep Cleaning

Soaking in the Cabozi system can reduce bacteria on the skin surface and reduce the chances of skin inflammation. The Cabozi can improve acne, bacterial and fungal infections on the skin.

Micro Bubbles

Produce billions of tiny bubbles in the water and create anions on the waters’ surface. Micro Bubbles can reduce stress, improve the nervous system and improve blood flow.



How do you use SBG Heat Barrier Paint Additive?

It has to be blended with normal commercially available water or oil based paint in a 10-20% mixing ratio. A typical 5kg paint would need 0.5-1kgof Solar Heat Barrier Paint filler. Effectively you have 5.5-6kg of heat barrier paint after blending!

Is SBG Heat Barrier Paint Additive Green and Eco Friendly?

Yes it will be green certified.

How do I apply the SBG Heat Barrier Paint after blending?

The application is the same just like normal paint (spray, brush, roller, etc)

Is SBG Heat Barrier Paint Filler independently tested?

Yes, our product is third party tested by TUV Sud PSB, an international body headquarter in Germany recognized worldwide.

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