Stratbiz Global work closely with research institutions and other innovators to bring green, sustainable technological advanced products to the market.  

The latest introduction is the Cashido Anti Bacterial Water System that convert our water (washing, shower, etc) to become a natural sanitizer and bacteria killer.   First launch in Singapore 2016, we have about 150 systems installed together with our partners in shopping centers, pet grooming, clubs and resorts, cleaning services companies.

Areas of application like toilets, refuse bin centers, home shower, kitchen washing, pet washing, food n vegetables washing in the farms and factories, etc. The applications are limitless. Where there is a need for sanitation and hygiene, you can always call on us for your needs. Chemical and Maintenance Free. 



Chemical free anti bacterial water system use in many areas of application


It is a startup company backed with more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience in Asia. Based in Singapore with sales support in Korea, Australia and The USA.

Stratbiz Global operate another sister company Stratbiz International which provide other innovations.





StratBiz Global will continue to develop and bring the latest in technology, innovation that will enhance our lifestyle.



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