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StratBiz Global introduce Cashido Anti Bacterial Water System that convert our commonly use water into a natural, chemical free bacteria killer. Maintenance free and kills bacteria within 10 sec! Good where sanitation, hygiene are needed. 

Chemical free anti bacterial water system use in many areas of application


Simple Installation


Use in you shower for good skin and clean hair!

Use in bath tub for smoother skin in spa, beauty salon, hotel, homes

Use in wash basin and toilets

Portable unit to wash your floor, water plants or anywhere you want to sanitize and keep hygienic

For food, vegetable washing


See our product page for more information



Stratbiz Global has signed exclusive agreement to manufacture, sales and distribution for Heat Barrier Paint Filler  with 

 AMTC (Singapore Polytechnic) Worldwide!


Signing of Agreement on 27th Jan 2014

Signing of Agreement on 27th Jan 2014

What is SBG Heat Barrier Paint Filler?

It has a proprietary formulation that is blended with either water or oil based paint. It comes in a dry powder form, completely green and environmental friendly.

Solar radiation is the main source of heat energy and there is high demand to save energy for buildings including industrial applications.

With our SBG heat barrier paint filler, you will be able to save energy cost due to reduced internal temperatures.


Solar Energy Source

Solar Energy Source

Actual field test over 2 years

Actual field test over 2 years

StratBiz has always been at the forefront of innovation and we are proud to inroduce eco and environmental friendly products that are unique in its own field. Diverse applications and usage in consumer, commercial and industrial.

With the initial roll out of Solar Heat Barrier Paint Filler, we intend to introduce two more exciting technology products that are game changers. We will announce it when we have final indication of product readiness in the next 24 months.


Advance Materials Technology Centre

Advance Materials Technology Centre






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